Sunday, July 25, 2010

Convince Yourself of ANYTHING!

I love talk radio…happy talk radio. I walk my talk about being happy and monitor what I allow into my brain. Since I drive a lot during the day, I am a regular listener of the Rosie O’Donnell Show on Sirius/XM radio. Rosie's show is positive and funny most of the time; there are the occasional sad or emotional topics but never negative. Last week I was listening to Rosie and the gang talk about food, weight management and general health. (Wish I could tell you what show this was…but, hey I was driving and it was a rerun.) The conversation went back and forth at one point about eating in moderation without restriction and avoiding certain unhealthy foods. If you have read my book, taken my training or heard me speak…you know I do not believe in deprivation.

As the conversation continued about eating desserts or not eating desserts,
Janette Barber offered profound wisdom by saying, ‘is it really deprivation if you are avoiding food that is poison?’ Sugar and bad fats being the poison. This is the essence of the Life is Mental training wisdom.

Yes, you can convince yourself of ANYTHING! If you choose to believe that desserts are your birthright, then you will most likely eat desserts forever. You deserve them right? However, if you choose to believe that desserts are bad for your body and health, then you will have an easier time passing on the extra dress size coupled with diabetes dressed up like a piece of chocolate cake. No back talk…it is what it is!

So my friends, what are you convincing yourself about sugary sweets?

Convince yourself of healthy beliefs,

Kelly Stallings, MS, LPC

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