Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love Yourself First!

If you think loving yourself is a silly concept to relate to weight loss, you have been living under a rock with no connection to the real world. This concept of loving yourself has been reinforced by even the conservative medical community at this point. Loving the totality of yourself eases the emotional issues of weight management. I am referring here to an unconditional love for yourself which includes loving all the imperfections and quirky traits that make you unique. If you are self critical or mean to yourself, this should be a red flag indicating difficulty with the unconditional self love concept.

Unconditional love is easy. Accept you for who you are...the good and the bad. Live with a positive intent to do and think good about yourself. Love and accept your amazing body just as it is today. Focus an intense self love on any body part that you have historically criticized. As you practice this, you will notice an increase in self esteem and overall mood that affects your eating habits. I am not suggesting that learning to love yourself will help you drop a few pant sizes in a week or so; however, it will make a positive impact on your waistline over a healthy period of time if you truly love your body curves and all!

Don't take my word for it...test the theory!

To your thin self,