Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Enjoy Holiday Meals!

The holiday season can be a detriment to our waistlines. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy holiday food without packing on the pounds.

--Eat a small healthy snack before that big family dinner to avoid a feeling of strong hunger that leads to overeating. You can still have a piece of pie for dessert, but a few almonds before dinner might mean that you will be satisfied with a small slice of pie versus the whole pie.
--Use small plates for the meal. Large plates make healthy portions look like Barbie food. You will convince yourself that the Barbie food is not enough to satisfy you before you even get started eating. Smaller, healthier portions will look satisfying.
--Put your utensils down between bites and eat slowly to give your stomach time to register the full signal. Make certain to sit next to someone you like at dinner so that you can talk and enjoy the company as you eat SLOWLY. This technique can be a bit challenging if you sit by someone you are not really fond of.
--STOP eating when you begin to feel full. The minute you start feeling are done eating. Put your plate in the sink and enjoy the company. Holiday dinners typically take a few days to finish off. Remind yourself that you can eat another healthy portion of turkey again for your next meal when you feel hungry again. You do not need to eat the whole bird at one meal.

Mind your mind and enjoy the holidays!


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Introducting the Think Thin Program for Weight Loss

Cognitive Training to Train Your Brain to Think Thin!

It’s time to lose weight for life. In my new book, Life is Mental: Think Thin to Live Thin, I teach easy to adopt cognitive strategies to Think yourself Thin. I have successfully used these techniques personally through multiple child births and a diagnosis of hypothyroidism developed after the birth of my second son. As I turn 40, I am a great example of ‘Thin Thinking.’ Over the past 12 years, I have taught these same techniques to the thousands of clients served in my private psychotherapy practice.

Now you can learn these easy to use techniques to Think Thin to Live Thin! This book will change the way you think about eating, exercise and your body. Thinking thin is no mystery; it has simply been overlooked in the presence of the food pyramid and exercise recommendations. Weight loss is easy if you want it to be. If you are ready to lose weight for life, read my book to learn how to start Thinking Thin!

The book will teach you to…
Eat what you choose and lose weight
Eat consciously
Identify and change ineffective thinking
Feel good about your body
Increase the exercise you are already doing everyday

Utilize peak performance skills to acheive your healthy body

Looking for quick weight loss? I endorse the Arbonne weight loss products to give you a boost the first few weeks of the training. These natural products are safe for even diabetic folks. Ingredient lists are available on my website.

I look forward to sharing tips and information in this blog to help you adopt healthy ways of losing and managing your weight. I hope you keep reading my monthly entries and enjoy living thin!

To your health,