Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Resolutions & Goals for a New Year-New You

It is still January and is the perfect time to make resolutions and set personal goals for the year. If you have not already gotten started with this task, there is no time like the present.

There are three easy ways to make certain that your 2009 resolutions and goals are effective this year, write them down, use visual representations and mentally rehearse goals as if they are achieved. I have already explained an easy way to effectively use written goals. Now incorporate a daily visual of your goals.

Visual representations of goals maintain your constant awareness of these goals. You are more likely to act in ways that move you toward your goals if these goals stay in your awareness. Create a vision board with pictures, symbols and text that represent your goals. Use poster board or a cork board for your vision board. Hang this vision board in a private area that you will see daily. This may be an area of your closet or personal bathroom. It is important that you keep this private to avoid any opportunity for criticism or judgment by others that may affect your motivation or self confidence. Use pictures and text of all kinds representing your goals as achieved. Looking at your board should elicit positive thoughts and feelings of what your life will be like when these goals are achieved. You might include pictures of activities you will be enjoying at your goal weight or clothing with the size tag showing of the clothing size you will be at your goal weight. Be creative so that your board creates a detailed visual picture and elicits feelings you will feel at your goal weight. Look at your vision board each morning as you get dressed or brush your teeth and enjoy the feelings and thoughts these pictures elicit. This allows you to maintain daily awareness of your goals. Keeping in mind the picture of your thin self in your skinny bathing suit, could very well serve as motivation to avoid eating that donut at work or eating a late night snack.

Remember that self fulfilling prophecy idea…believe and expect the best about your weight loss adventure. If you are going to have a self fulfilling prophecy, why not make it a good one in 2009?

To your thin body,

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